October 11, 2021In Magazine Feature

Palace -Class Artbags Exhibition

Shanghai ifc shopping mall丨Grand Art Package Exhibition Glory National Day

In order to promote fashion art creation, Shanghai ifc mall held a special “Hall Art Package Exhibition” on this National Day. We sincerely invite internationally renowned British artist Debra Franses to join hands in creating a fashionable bag art exhibition. Incorporating the dynamic airport luggage conveyor belt into the creativity, it means that all the art exhibits will be airborne in Shanghai continuously, presenting the unparalleled and elegant visual feast of Shencheng this autumn. Let every customer who visits the mall experience the artistic creativity of the palace-class bags, enjoy the grand ceremony of fashion and celebrate the beautiful season together during the National Day Golden Week.

Feng Xiuyan, Executive Director of Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency, said: “Shanghai ifc mall has been continuously holding trend-leading art activities to create a diversified fashion shopping experience for customers pursuing high-end quality of life. In order to welcome the National Day Golden Week, the mall specializes With the theme of bag art, the “Palace Art Bag Exhibition” was held. British fashion creative artist Debra Franses was invited to exhibit for the first time in China, injecting ladies’ most beloved bags with unique creativity and shaping Ingenious works of art. The shopping mall has specially created two large and dazzling artistic bags, and based on the installation of the airport baggage claim area, it presents a bright fashion art corridor on the first floor of the Avenue of Stars. Customers can be on the static luggage conveyor belt , Tasting unique creative works with the rhythm of “dazzling” life, as if all artworks have just arrived in Shanghai, you can take the lead in appreciating them. While enjoying the fashionable products, you can also participate in the first interactive art bag game. The perfect combination of diverse cultures, experience high-quality art palaces and luxurious and elegant fashion lifestyles.”

Huang Zhisheng, general manager of the shopping mall leasing department of Sun Hung Kai Real Estate Agency Co., Ltd. continued: “During the National Day Golden Week, customers on the Avenue of Stars in the shopping mall can not only appreciate the top bag art works and experience the most creative fashion installation space, but also Watch the wonderful carnival show from the art troupe, and enjoy the unparalleled joy of art. In addition, in order to respond to the call to drive consumption, customers can also enjoy exclusive and exclusive shopping rewards during the Golden Week, inviting everyone in the joyful shopping fun Customers spend the National Day together.”


Creative Fashion Dynamic Art Gallery

The mall invited the well-known British artist Debra Franses to jointly create a large-scale fashion art installation [Creative Fashion Dynamic Art Gallery] with a length of more than 20 meters and a height of 3 meters on the Avenue of Stars on the first floor. Gorgeous fashion art bag installations, dynamic airport luggage conveyor belts, colorful creative bags and colorful lights create an eye-catching fashion art gallery. Large-scale bag installations using noble and elegant electroplating colors and colorful neon Melaleuca light effects stand on both sides of the promenade, echoing the art bags of the airport luggage conveyor belt, as if all artworks are the latest arrival In Shanghai, Shanghai customers can enjoy the world’s top bag trends for the first time, and explore the ensuing palace-level artworks in a “many” way of life.


Invest in  Art Bags

In addition to the creation of Debra Franses, she also collaborated with other world-class fashion designers in cross-border collaborations, including: the British world’s top fashionista (Gary James McQueen), internationally renowned cross-border artist (Whathisname) ), internationally renowned dessert pop artist (Betsy Enzensberger), etc. exhibited dozens of world-renowned avant-garde bag art works. The unique creative design style, eye-catching fashion items are placed in the bag, and there are more artistic elements such as artist exclusive dolls, lifelike insect specimens, colorful candies, etc., which vividly conveys the palace-level design aesthetics. The combination of superb craftsmanship and unconstrained creativity, brilliant colors, novel elements, and admirable, will constantly move your eyeballs, which is extremely visually stunning and enjoyable, and enjoy the artistic feast brought by fashion trends.

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