Iconic Bags From The Movies

We all escaped into movies and TV during the lockdown, seeking distraction and comfort, whether from Hollywoods Golden Era to Familiar Disney favourites. We also found inspiration in movies, from interior design to fashion and accessories.

Handbags are often a prominent accessory on the silver and small screens, as any Sex and the City fan can confirm! We wanted to have a look at just a few of the bags that have completed looks, helped to define a character, or even provided an important plot point in some of our favourite films!


Chanel Black Alligator Kiss Chain Bag - Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Iconiccan be a little bit overused these days, but everything the Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffanys was truly iconic, from her bespoke Givenchy dresses to the orange funnel-necked coat. But it was her accessories that stood out the most and made the outfits.

The most coveted item has to be Holly Golightlys Chanel Black Alligator Kiss Chain Bag, which elevates her casual jumper, capri pants, and ballet flats, as well as being gorgeous and is effortlessly stylish.


'Carpet Bag' - Mary Poppins

Practically perfect in every way, Mary Poppinsfloral carpet bag in the Tardis of handbags, able to conjure up any item as its needed. Carpet bags were inexpensive, practical items common in the 1800s and were not thought of as particularly desirable, before the film's release in 1964.  

However, as they were often made from offcuts of carpets, they were also a sustainable item, built to last a lifetime.


Black beaded handbag/grappling hook - Mr & Mrs Smith

Angelina wears a rather distracting outfit in this scene, but eagle-eyed viewers may remember the elegant medium-sized black beaded handbag with the large circular handles that turns out to be a cunningly disguised grappling hook. 

As with Angelinas character, Jane, in the movie, the bag is yet just a masquerade, something that looks gorgeous, but not all that it seems to be, a key motif throughout the film.

And who among us hasnt wished they had a grappling hook to escape an awkward situation?

However, if youre looking for classic designer handbags for less in the way of secret agent gadgets, and more for everyday items, visit our online store today.

The Birkin Bag: Where It All Began!

When you think of luxury ‘it’ handbags, it’s inevitable that the Hermes Birkin bag is where your thoughts stray to first of all. Initially appearing on our radar in the 1980s, the Birkin - as it is known - has since gone on to claim the top spot in the hierarchy of all stylish handbags… and it’s not hard to see why!

The design conception of Hermes chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas back in 1984, the story goes that the idea for the Birkin was born out of a conversation between Dumas and actress Jane Birkin on an Air France flight from Paris to London. 

Apparently, Jane’s belongings tipped out of her handbag and Dumas, who she happened to be sitting next to, suggested that a bag with pockets would be more beneficial. They then went on to discuss what Jane’s ideal handbag would be… and the rest is history!

Before the Birkin arrived, the Hermes line was characterised by the Kelly bag, very boxy and supremely ladylike. But the Birkin handbag, in contrast, was far roomier yet still elegant, with handles so that it could either be carried on the wrist or by hand.

Interestingly, however, the Birkin wasn’t an immediate success and it wasn’t until the 90s that it really started commanding serious attention. Now, of course, it’s incredibly difficult to get your hands on a true-blue Birkin - so add it to your accessories wish list and hope for the best!

In the meantime, satisfy your sartorial urges with ARTBAG’s reimagining of the Birkin handbag! Our bags are cast in resin and feature all sorts of different objects inside, really brought to life and visually intensified by the resin itself. If you’d like to have a bespoke bag created, get in touch with us today.

The Little Red Bag!

I honestly had no idea how many bags I made with red in them until I took a look at this edit…I love the colour red!

The lipstick, the nails, the bright scarf, the tacky shoes my father hated, Dorothy’s red slippers, and Christmas! Santa…the bringer of gifts happiness and imagination.

Still let’s support small independent businesses and makers with this little edit from £35 and up!

Lucky Artbag
This beautiful fun Artbag was a culmination of days spent hauling my toddler around New York City in 2008. Days filled with treats, Disney, toy cars, and so much fun just being in the city. I certainly felt like the luckiest mum alive.

The collaboration with What’s His Name has been growing in popularity the iconic Doggie bags are based on the large sculptures recently displayed in Covent Garden and the collaborative friendship continues to grow momentum with Sebastian Burdon pictured below.

The collaborations with LA artist Betsy Enzenburger are all sold out however collectors get excited …more are coming soon!

Keychain Artbags
The Keychain artbags are for display or wearing, hang them off your jeans, your favorite handbag or in a key hook with your spare key…there are 2 shades of red, one solid and one transparent…then, of course, there is the miniature manbag a replica LV briefcase….the miniature of the James bond full-size bag…
why not get the pair of his and hers? Beautifully gift wrapped, this is a great gift for your favourite couple…or for you and him or her !!

These Small artbags are all ON SALE snd sit 13 cm tall and 10 cm wide 3 cm deep and are beautiful ornaments. Each one has a different finish and they are a steal now in my Xmas sale!

Small Artbags
These Small artbags sit 13 cm tall and 10 cm wide 3 cm deep and are beautiful ornaments. Each one has a different finish and they are a steal now in my Xmas sale!
Passion, Lady Mcbeth, and Lipstick Red…if you are a fan of this firey colour then this could be your lucky day!