February 27, 2022In blog

The Handbags Of Famous Women

If you want a handbag, you will go to a handbag store, perhaps buying the most stylish and fashionable of items. But when it comes to a luxury art handbag sculpture, something truly exceptional is surely required.

That means the handbag that is the subject in question must stand out in some exceptional way. That may be due to its appearance, size or some other visible characteristic. But then again, it could be that the handbag itself has more of a story to tell.

As with so many artefacts, many a handbag will gain importance because of its owner. What could make a more interesting handbag sculpture than one with some stand-out associations?

The Queen will certainly be seen a lot in 2022, with this being her Platinum jubilee.  While there will be various outfits for the fashion fanatics to comment on, many will take note of her handbags whenever she is seen with one.

One only has to look back to 2016 to see this, when Today reported that frequent appearances by the monarch with a Launer handbag helped sales of the brand jump 52 per cent in a year.

Perhaps the woman with whom a handbag is most strongly associated was Margaret Thatcher. The former prime minister, dubbed ‘The Iron Lady’ by the Soviets for her tough character, was seldom seen in public without one and the term ‘handbagging’ was invented to illustrate the notion of her swinging it like a medieval mace when she wanted to get her way or tell someone off.

More conventional fashion icons included Grace Kelly, who once used a Hermes handbag to cover up a baby bump, as well as Audrey Hepburn, who had a wide range of designer bags.

So if you want a custom-made handbag sculpture, there may be many examples linked with famous women that you can choose from.