March 27, 2022In blog

Sotheby’s To Sell Nineties Collection Of Chanel Handbags

Prestigious auction house Sotheby’s has launched an auction to sell off a wide range of rare handbags from Chanel alongside a range of jewellery and other accessories from their 1990s and early 2000s collections.

The auction, titled the Chanel Collection, features more than 100 bags from the prestigious French fashion house, all of which are in good condition and feature a wide variety of design styles from a period of intense innovation in studio handbags.

The bag expected to make the most is a white lizard double flap bag with a gold handle and Chanel logo lock that dates back to 1996 and is expected to sell for up to $12,000 (£9120).

This maximum estimate is matched by a black lizard version of the bag from the same era, as well as a rather unique miniature clutch in the shape of a hammered gold bullion bar from Chanel’s 2006 Spring/Summer collection.

These are just a couple of the exceptionally extravagant bags on offer at the auction, which include bags shaped like a pair of plates, a burgundy quilted lambskin handbag with a unique handle that is only connected at one side, and a clear plexiglass art bag from the brand’s 1997 collection.

There are several clear bags in the collection, including one with black patent leather lining from 1994-1996, and a notable example from as far back as 1988.

Interestingly for a Sotheby’s auction, whilst most of the attention is drawn to the higher end of the estimates, there are several vintage Chanel handbags available for an estimate lower than £1000, including a 1994-96 clear cosmetic case with red lambskin.

With a growing interest in vintage fashion, particularly styles inspired by 1990s fashion trends, the auction has become somewhat timely, with many nostalgic items seen on runways in decades past available to a new generation of people inspired by the fashions of a very different era.