April 28, 2022In blog

Get Birkin Bangs To Complement Your Birkin Bag!

No doubt you’re all familiar with the work of the one and only Jane Birkin, the 60s and 70s style icon who was so intriguing and alluring that luxury French brand Hermes named a tote bag after her.

The bag itself has gone on to become just as iconic as its namesake, of course, and it’s incredibly difficult to get your hands on an original, with demand incredibly high for these key fashion statements.

But if you are lucky enough to have one in pride of place in your wardrobe at home, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear that one of the latest trends for wearing your hair over the next few seasons or so is a set of beautiful Birkin bangs!

As Glamour Magazine explains, Jane was just as famous for her fringe as she was for anything else and her locks fast became the ‘it look’ for her generation… so it’s great to see that it’s bag in fashion once again.

It’s particularly good news for anyone who likes to look their best but in an effortless way, polished and pretty but not too perfect – just right for the warmer months. Here’s a hot tip from the magazine… invest in some good-quality dry shampoo so you can refresh your fringe throughout the day and stop it from getting a little on the greasy side.

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