April 15, 2022In blog

Queen’s Handbag Maker Goes Retro For Jubilee

When someone has sat on the throne for 70 years, it’s fair to say they have seen a lot down the years. But while the Queen has experienced many things, met thousands of people and visited innumerable places, she is rarely seen without a handbag.

These are, of course, no ordinary handbags. But while the monarch has gone through any number of outfits and sported many styles as clothes fashions have changed, it seems the order of the day for handbags is the style of yesteryear.

That is certainly the verdict of Launder, the designer producer of bespoke handbags and one of the most renowned makers. The firm has announced a new jubilee collection, which includes the Platinum Edition Jubilee bag, based on the model the Queen used in 1972.

Also in the range is a framed archive bag, a style that was popular in the 1970s and 80s, which Launer described as “a constant feature in the wardrobe of Her Majesty The Queen during this period.”  Other styles featured in the range include the Lisa, Turandot, Traviata and Royale.

It will certainly take a fine bit of handbag art to emulate the style of these treasured royal items. However, it is also true that while they are luxury products at the top of the range, they are also in styles that have been hugely popular; it’s not as if her majesty would walk around with a handbag looking completely unlike millions of other women.

At the same time, other luxury handbag makers are not sitting back and allowing the Queen’s favourite brand to have it all is own way. Gucci, for instance, has just launched its own retro product, a reimagining of the 1991 Diana Handbag.

All this suggests that for those interested in handbag art, this year may be one in which retro looks could be particularly popular – and not just because people want to look back over the Queen’s 70-year reign.