June 12, 2022In blog

Why Innovative Retail Interior Designs Matter

In 2022, retail interior design matters more than ever. As the competition from online sales has soared during the past few years, brick-and-mortar stores have been keen to enhance the customer experience, to make the store a real destination. A major part of this involves creating a unique environment that sets the store apart from the rest of the street.

The window display may have fallen out of fashion with some retailers, but this is where the customer’s first impression will come from, and it should tell the brand story. It doesn’t necessarily need to display the goods on sale; some intriguing items, such as a piece of contemporary resin art, are often more effective.

Design concepts which embody the ethos and tone of the brand are especially important for flagship stores. For example, Lavazza’s flagship store in London is designed to evoke the essence of the Italian lifestyle, where coffee is a part of the culture, rather than the more grab-and-go event it tends to be here in the UK.

The ground floor is designed in the shape of a coffee bean, and the materials incorporate used coffee grounds and brass. Meanwhile, a chandelier that has been painstakingly assembled from 700 coffee beans hangs from the ceiling. The floor has the more leisurely and laid-back feel of continental hospitality.

There is also an interactive feature which allows customers to taste different varieties of coffee, much as a wine seller would offer testing sessions. The whole concept was inspired by Lavazza Museum in Turin, which is dedicated to telling the story of the iconic 128-year-old Italian coffee brand.

Interactive experiences, unique artworks, and local community engagement are all ways that food and luxury goods retailers are enhancing their visitor experience. In the post-pandemic retail environment, it is now imperative to make the in-person shopping trip memorable and unique.