Debra uses Infinity Mirrors as an independent medium, but considers their significance not as an entirety, but, instead, as a representation of how everything we hold dear is temporary. She believes that infinity as a concept is a fallacy in this context and that it can only exist in the abstract; in this case, the joy from the number of handbags that we can consume is finite.

As light passes through the impurities in the glass, it loses roughly 7% of its light with each reflection, resulting in the images slowly fading into nothingness and ceasing to exist. This mirrors the way in which too much of something creates a numbing effect, where the object or activity ceases to give the viewer or user the same pleasure as the first encounter: diminishing returns.

Here, through a whimsical medium, the viewer can then decide to make a choice: either everything dies so nothing matters, or everything dies so everything matters, and is therefore precious.

Dimensions 45 × 45 cm

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