Hi Kate, party with me darling, let’s get twatted.

‘The Face’ contains a hand-painted composition resembling the front cover of iconic magazine, ‘The Face’, with multiple images of Kate Moss, folded at the bottom of the bag. This bag really celebrates the glamorous freewheeling London life of the Primrose Hill set, with LV glasses, Chanel perfume, bright nail polish, an iconic mini motor car with Union Jack and a little bag of cocaine clipped together with a hairpin that says ‘cutie’. It also contains a luscious resin lollipop created by Los Angeles resin sculpture artist Betsy Enzberger, which features as a reference to a sugar high and the post-high blues. The colorful handle has been created using a chain, which snakes around the top of the bag.

This bag was created in 2020, just before The Lockdown, and represents the excesses of the single lifestyle . This is what we now might call a ‘Party bag’, with the vibrant colours making it a true statement piece for those who can afford it…

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 52 cm

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