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Pop Art Yellow Doggy Artbag

Pop Art Yellow Doggy Artbag

Original price was: £4,500.00.Current price is: £1,925.00.

This charming Yellow Balloon Dog large Classic artbag sculpture oozes cute summer vibes!

Perfect for a pop art-loving beach house

This can be customised with text on the front if you require it.

The balloon dog is symbolic of fun, parties and laughter and has been made iconic by American pop-artist Jeff Koons.

This design is in collaboration with artist Sebastian Burdon who goes by the name of “Whatshisname”

It is a one-off sample hence the reduced price! Snap it up if you would like a bargain

This excellent variation on the ARTBAG is made in collaboration with internationally renowned artist WHATSHISNAME

This ‘PLAYFUL DOG’ has already caught the attention of international collectors and can only be purchased from ARTBAG in the UK.

The sculpture measures 33 cm high and weighs approximately 3 kg.

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