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Unleashing creativity, painting captivating Art Resin. Boundaries shattered, abstracts awaken limitless creative possibilities.

Debra Franses - Artbag Studio

Debra Franses – Founder and owner of Artbag Studio

Debra Franses Logo

Welcome to Artbag Studio, the creative hub founded by the visionary artisan, Debra Franses. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to craftsmanship, Debra has established herself as a pioneer in the world of resin artistry.

Debra’s journey into the world of art and design began at a young age, fuelled by a deep-seated curiosity and a desire to explore new mediums of expression. After years of experimentation and honing her skills, she discovered resin—a versatile material that would become the cornerstone of her artistic practice.

From my first blank canvases to Resin Masterpieces, transforming the ideas into artistic creations.

At Artbag Studio, Debra’s creations transcend the ordinary, blending artistry with functionality to produce stunning handbags that are as unique as the individuals who carry them. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, with a meticulous attention to detail that ensures every bag is a true masterpiece.

Rainbow Resin

Dazzling Colour-Infused Resin Artbags by Debra Franses

Bespoke Beauty

Explore the exquisite craftsmanship and individuality woven into each of Debra Franses’ resin artbags, where every piece tells a unique story. With meticulous attention to detail and a personal touch, her creations are not just accessories, but reflections of personal style and character.

What's Inside YourArtbag?

Get in touch and let Debra Franses create yours!

What's Inside YourArtbag?

Get in touch and let Debra Franses create yours!

Signature StyleArtbagsInfused with Personal Charm

What sets Debra’s work apart is her ability to infuse each creation with a sense of personal significance. Whether incorporating sentimental items or drawing inspiration from nature and the world around her, Debra’s designs resonate with a depth and authenticity that speaks to the soul.

Personalised Touch

Personalised artbags by Debra Franses offer a bespoke experience, tailored to reflect your individuality and style. Infused with sentimental items and crafted with care, each piece becomes a cherished expression of your unique journey.

Gucci Gold

For the discerning fashion aficionado with a penchant for luxury brands like Gucci, Debra Franses offers personalised artbags that seamlessly blend high-end style with bespoke craftsmanship. Elevate your accessory game with handcrafted pieces infused with your signature flair, embodying the essence of sophistication and exclusivity.

Debra Franses Logo

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