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The Process

A personal journey withDebra Franses in creating your exclusive Artbag.

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Commissioning your Artbag is a long but very exciting process. It can fully immerse you or you can take a step back and allow Debra to guide you through the process. It is a personal journey that can involve your loved ones, as they gather memories and objects to signify special moments in your life. The objects carry a depth of stories, so that when you look at this collection all composed together in the bag you are filled with a sense of your life. The objects can be whatever you want, there is no limit to what Debra can do.

The objects can be whatever you want, there is no limit to what Debra can do. They can range from photographs, a favourite perfume, a toy car, a baby’s first shoe and even hair locks! It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you love it and want to freeze it in time. The sad thing with keeping sake items is they can be damaged or forgotten in the attic or at the bottom of a draw…Debra doesn’t believe this should happen to things we hold dear and you should be able to find a way to hold onto them and preserve them. It’s a chance to take out things you don’t want to remember and highlight things that you do. Creating a happy place for you and your loved ones to enjoy now and forever.

Chosen moments are frozen in time forever.

"Art Has The Power To Connect Random Individuals In A Shared Experience Of Intimacy”Debra Franses

1. Get Inspired

Take a browse through the Artbag website and start to visualize your personal bag.

2. Ideation Session

Have a personal consultation with Debra to curate your piece.

3. Collect Contents

Think about what inspires you, use this to collect objects to make it into your Artbag. Fill up a box of potential items to discuss them.

4. Visualisation Presentation

Receive a concept design of your dream Artbag.

5. Production Process

Be updated with pictures throughout the creation of your unique art piece.

6. Presentation and Shipping

You will have the final choices of finishing, packaging and shipping to your desired destination worldwide

The Design Process: How I create The Artbags

 The creation of an Artbag has been likened to freezing a moment in time. Objects are selected to tell the story and, occasionally, delicate items may need their own special mould. The silicone mould of the handbag comprises two to four parts and an initial layer is poured before the items are balanced where chaos and order interplay with colour and texture as the bags are curated and formed.

Liquid resin is poured, in layers to strategically place the objects as if they are balancing in air. Layers take days to cure as the slow process preserves the items without melting them at high heat as the resin gets very hot as it turns hard. Up to 20 layers can be needed to create the final artwork. This can take 6 – 8 weeks. If there are problems in the casting it’s necessary to return to the process again.

To remove any last traces of air, the completed Artbag is put into a pressure chamber; this is the most delicate stage of the process, as it is important to prevent any bubbles from being created in the resin. After the final cure, the Artbag stays in the mould for several days, before being sanded and polished to a high sheen.

What's Inside YourArtbag?

Get in touch and let Debra Franses create yours!

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