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Money Bags


Debra, the artist, was living in New York in 2008 and made this Artbag filled with U.S. Dollars just after the Lehman Brothers bank made the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history on September 15th 2008. This event was the culmination of the Global Financial Crisis, which was caused by the excessive risk-taking of the banks and the bursting of the U.S. housing bubble. This artwork symbolises the greed of the bankers whose actions precipitated the 2008 Great Recession and the Credit Crunch.

The bag is an iconic piece of the collection and has been made here with other mixed currencies as well.


(Height x Width x Depth)

27cm x 20cm x 8cm

10 1/2″ x 8″ x 3 1/6″

Weight: 2kg.

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